A LONGSTANDING Herefordshire Councillor has lost his seat in a shock result this afternoon.

Bircher ward has been held since 1994 by the council’s chairperson Sebastian Bowen, a member of the True Independents grouping.

Last time Coun Bowen got the highest share of the vote in the county with over 94 per cent.

But he has now lost his seat to Dan Hurcomb, the Tories’ chairman in North Herefordshire.

Mr Bowen said his time as a councillor has been interesting and rewarding, and that it is sad it has ended this way.


"The Conservatives have run a very determined and brutal campaign," he said.

"There have also been a lot of new people in the ward in the last few years who perhaps haven't seen me very much and don't know my record."

He said he will always be at the service of the county and his ward if needed.  

Incoming councillor Dan Hurcomb said it was an incredible result.

"I ought to pay tribute to Sebastian Bowen," he said.

"He has worked incredibly hard and I did not expect it to be anywhere near the result it was. 

"There is a lot of support locally, but it is such a sizeable task that I did not think I would do as well as I did."