WITH reference to the article about walkers on Bromyard Downs (Bromyard Downs walkers 'frightened of being bitten' by dogs).

I have, on occasion been parked in the car park, when dog walkers arrive and just open the back door of the car and off run the dogs!

There is a noticeboard asking dog walkers to keep their dogs under control because of wildlife.

The best way to describe people who are like this is blatant lawbreakers!


On one occasion when I mentioned the entrance board, I was met with an abundance of “F” words from four women.

The next time I am in the car park and people do this I will do a video of their dogs racing off from their cars. As was stated, you can be jailed for six months and fined. Sadly, today people don’t believe you can be jailed!

Only when perpetrators are jailed and named will people be reasonable.

Here’s hoping it will make the place safe for people and wildlife.