LOCAL elections and the coronation might obscure the fact it’s also Europe Day this week – or next, depending on whose calendar you use.

The European Union celebrates Europe Day on May 9, the Council of Europe on May 5.

May 9 is the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration in 1950. May 5 is when the Council of Europe was founded in 1949.

In 1946 Winston Churchill spoke of the need to build and maintain peace in Europe, a continent shattered by war.


The Council of Europe was set up with the aim of uniting the diverse peoples of the continent around a set of common values: democracy and striving for peace between nations.

Although the UK has left the EU, we are still members of the Council of Europe – and still Europeans. The EU flag – 12 gold stars on blue – was adopted from the Council of Europe.

Pick your day to celebrate being European.


Llangarron, chair of Herefordshire for Europe