By Bridie Adams

WITH the nationwide average cost for a litre of fuel sitting at 146.9p for petrol and 160.5p for diesel respectively, many drivers are looking for the best deals they can get.

However, people in Ross-on-Wye say they feel “ripped off” by prices in the town and are driving further to fill up. But where should you be going for the cheapest fuel?

The prices of fuel at the Wilton garage and Morrisons in Ross are both above the national average, with petrol costing 148.9p per litre at the time of writing. However, diesel at Wilton is slightly cheaper at 159.9 compared to the supermarket's 162.9.


Jenny Smith often makes the 15-mile journey from Ross to Allensmore for fuel. She goes to Locks garage, where petrol is cheaper.

Elspeth Keeling, another local, said: “We always fill up in Hereford because it is always cheaper than Morrisons in Ross."

Data from Petrol Prices show that petrol in Hereford can by 10p per litre cheaper than garages in Ross, with diesel costing 11p less. 

But not everyone in Ross is willing to go further for their fuel.

Rosemarie Kibble said: “No one who lives in Ross can understand why we pay so much. It is like we are being held ransom. Not everyone has the time to travel to fill up where it is cheaper.”

Petrol Prices is an app that reveals the petrol stations offering the lowest fuel prices within your chosen radius of your location. Users can update the app with live fuel prices at garages in their area, and this information is shared online.

With fuel prices remaining high, this crowd-sourced website could be an invaluable resource for those looking to stretch their budget a little further.