I think there should be a permanent section in the new Hereford museum devoted to one, if not the most famous, of the county’s residents: Sir Edward Elgar.

His mother was a Herefordian and he lived at two addresses in the county where he composed most of his famous pieces.

During the fundraising campaign for Jemma Pearson’s statue of Elgar, now in the Cathedral Close, I was responsible for researching and creating the touring exhibition.


As there then seemed little interest at the cathedral for creating a permanent display to interpret the statue, I donated most of the exhibition to the Elgar Birthplace Museum.

The restored bicycle centre piece, once owned and used by Elgar, was sold by the local owner and I believe is, sadly, now out of county.

There are many fascinating personal and historic tales to be told, with pictures, and also local maps, used by Elgar.

I also had permission, by his main biographer, Jerrold Northrop Moore, to use the many photographs he had published.

I also found a little known piece; words written by John Masefield to music by Sir Edward for a Royal event. Elgar was Master of the King’s Music and Masefield Poet Laureate at the time. This was beautifully performed by Pamela White and the Britten Singers, as part of a selection of poems and music of the period, and with another associated display, as part of the Ledbury Poetry Festival, several years ago.

Finally, I have a maquette (one of seven) of the statue which I would be please to donate on the clear understanding that it would be part of a permanent display, in the museum.


Much Cowarne, the former Elgar in Hereford Group

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