I’VE just read a Conservative party leaflet for the local elections which talks about the need to take action on river pollution.

One of the actions promised is to “put pressure on the sewage companies to encourage investment in phosphate stripping and stop excess waste being discharged into our waterways”.

How does this stand scrutiny when our local MPs Sir Bill Wiggin and Jesse Norman abstained on an amendment from the Lords to the Environment Bill on October 20, 2021 requiring water companies to dump less raw sewage in our waterways and seas?


Every single one of the 265 MPs who either abstained from voting or voted against the amendment which would have protected our rivers and seas was a Conservative. They could have put pressure on the sewage companies to clean up their act but chose not to.

In addition, in December 2022, the Conservative government pushed back targets to clean up the majority of England’s rivers, lakes and coastal waters from agricultural and sewage pollution by 36 years from 2027 to 2063.

To have the audacity to include tackling river pollution as a local election manifesto pledge, as the Tories have, is shocking and indicative of a party which makes promises and in reality takes no action at all.

As a river lover and tester I will not be voting Conservative.



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