A HAY-ON-WYE man has admitted to failing to provide a specimen after he was stopped on a Hereford road.

Andrew Davies, of Gipsy Castle Estate, was driving a Suzuki car that was stopped on a B-road in the city on April 12.

Prosecutor Mark Hambling told Hereford Magistrates Court that he failed to provide a sample, so was taken to Hereford Police Station.


Again, Mr Hambling said, Davies refused to supply a sample, stating that 'he panics'.

Marilena Di Vitantonio, representing Davies, said that the 31-year-old has a previous conviction in relation to drugs, which resulted in him losing his driving licence and job.

"He said he took some cannabis five to six days beforehand but didn't know it can stay in your system for up to 28 days," said Miss Di Vitantonio.

"He just panicked because of the effect his previous conviction had."

Davies was bailed to back in court on May 9. He was handed an interim six month driving disqualifcation, or until he is sentenced, whichever comes first.