TODAY, I witnessed two very different views about current issues concerning addressing the problems surrounding the dire state of our English waterways.

First, I read a Hereford Times ‘Opinion’ letter and then viewed a recent interview on the internet.

In the former (Won’t risk river, April 12), Brian Organ, in a rather partisan rant, champions the efforts of county MP Sir Bill Wiggin while criticising the Greens etc. without quoting any hard evidence to support his opinions: style rather than substance.

I wish Sir Bill well in his efforts but he has a long way to go following his party’s current lamentable record.

This record was all too evident in the latter interview: “The Tories are turning the UK into a cesspit, says Feargal Sharkey”, available on the internet.


Feargal gives a passionate and very well informed factual, objective account of the gross shortcomings of the current administration in addressing their environmental obligations.

Feargal has been a frequent visitor to the Wye and, last year with his fellow environmentalist George Monbiot appeared before a packed and appreciative audience at the Hay Festival, being interviewed about the problems of our waterways, particularly the Wye.

I think I know which way Mr Organ will vote in local and national elections and I know which way I will.


Much Cowarne