I ARRIVED at Newport from Paddington en route to Hereford on Friday, April 7, and staff directed me to platform four.

All the world was on platform four. Passengers who had waited for the 11.08 train but couldn’t get on were joined by me and a few dozen others waiting for the 12.08 service.

The 12.08 arrived with two carriages which were full. None of us could board. If I had been in India, I would have climbed on to the roof, but I didn’t fancy my chances.

By sheer fortune, when the 13.08 arrived, the doors opened in front of me. I squeezed on board with a passenger who had been waiting for the 11.08. Just three stops, Cwmbran, Abergavenny, Hereford, but it felt like an eternity.


Why does this service operate with only two carriages?

While we were all waiting, crammed on platform four, the Cheltenham Spa train came along with three carriages mostly empty. No one got on and no one got off, and off it went.

This Newport to Hereford service, is an insult to passengers and staff alike and whoever is managing it needs to be replaced.