A BRAVE woman has spoken out after her rapist was jailed, urging other victims to find the courage to come forward.

Gary Baxter of Husseys Lane, Kington, was jailed for a single count of rape at Worcester Crown Court.  The 46-year-old was jailed for three years and 10 months and ordered to sign the sex offender register until further order.

His victim gave evidence at his trial until he changed his plea to guilty and he was jailed on January 26 this year.


The woman, who has lifelong anonymity, is urging more women and men who are attacked across Worcestershire and Herefordshire to come forward. 

In an exclusive interview, she described how she was raped in October 2020, calling her attacker "controlling and manipulative".

She added: "He took my car keys so I couldn't escape. Later he managed to rape me. I'm a physically strong woman but I was no match for him.

She said: "I was in shock. But I knew I was raped. After this I really wasn't sure If I wanted to report him.

"Would I be believed? It's his word against mine. Some rapes are so violent the woman has physical injuries. I didn't. What evidence would there be to 'show' I was raped? Why didn't I fight more?

Hereford Times:

"These and many other questions were running through my mind. But I knew a crime had been committed against me.

"After two days I went to the sexual assault referral clinic SARC to check me over and gather evidence while I was still deciding what to do. The nurses there are very supportive.

"They talked through all the options to help me make an informed decision. I agreed to an examination and samples. I was under no pressure to report to the police. 

"It was here I felt the full magnitude of what had happened to me. I was so scared and traumatised but I decided I didn't want him to get away with it."

She then decided to report it to the police. They were professional and sensitive during the interview, and referred her to agencies to support her.


"One of the agencies I couldn't have done without was the Rape Crisis Centre or The Sexual Violence service," she said.

"I was assigned an advocate who supported me all the way through the criminal justice system.

"Many survivors decide not to report their abuse for their own reasons. If this is you I do hope you reach out and get support.

"Whatever the outcome of reporting it is a very empowering process to speak out against your abuser. To stand up and fight. When all control is taken from you, this can help you take some control back.

"I'm speaking now because I wish you to know you are not to blame. They made the choice to rape you. It's not a loss of control on their part. There's nothing you said or did to deserve it. You are not weak. You are not a victim You are a survivor. You will be happy again."

The judge further ordered he may be placed on the barring list by the disclosure and barring service with restraining orders applied for until further notice. A  victim surcharge of £190 was also imposed.