A HEREFORD man is mystified how black soot keeps appearing in his flat - even in his fridge.

Just weeks after moving into the property in the Tupsley area of the city last December, Jud Robins noticed a lot of black stuff appearing in the rooms.

However, despite informing Connexus about the problem, he says that he is still awaiting for it to be looked into. 


"Two or three weeks after moving in, I noticed all of this black stuff, and it even went in the fridge," said Mr Robins.

"The council men said ages ago that they would get one of the specialist teams to have a look but they keep changing the dates.

"My boy even after had it all over his face because it got onto his computer and he wiped it. He was coughing a lot, so I thought he had been smoking. 

Hereford Times:

"It's everywhere. The net curtains are black, it even got into the fridge.

"All of the walls are painted magnolia but some are now a black coffee colour. It's absolutely everywhere.

"I've got my daughter coming to stay in April but it's all black in her room." 

A spokesperson for Connexus said: "We have received reports of a black soot-like substance on the walls of a property and have been trying to arrange a visit to investigate and determine the cause. 

“Unfortunately, despite several attempts, we haven't been able to arrange a suitable appointment or access the property. 

"We will continue working with our customer to arrange a convenient time to visit as soon as possible, so the issue can be identified, and any necessary work carried out."