A FAMILY from Hereford is trying to raise an extension to help support their daughter who has a limited life condition.

Bella Paskell has a rare condition called Infantile Neuroaxanol Dystrophy Dystrophy (INAD), an inherited condition that causes loss of vision, muscular control, mental skills, deterioration and short life expectancy.

The nine-year-old has experienced difficulties for many years, but a misdiagnosis, delayed appointments and unanswered questions meant that her condition was only detected two months ago following a detailed MRI scan.


Bella's parents, Naomi and Darren, are now planning for her future, and want to build an extension so that she remains happy and comfortable. 

"Myself and her dad have something in our genes that affects Bella," said Naomi.

"It affects one in four of our genes. I have four children so she is the one that it affects.

Hereford Times:

"If my children have children of their own then they can have a test for themselves and their partner to see what the results are and if they want to take that risk.

"Bella is totally unaware and that's how we want to try and keep it. She continues to take every day in her stride, giving 100 per cent.

"We believe Bella is the only child of her age that has it at this stage. Others are more progressed and have a loss of eyesight.


"My daughter a fighter though and and is defying all of the odds at the moment."

Bella can walk, but has use of a frame to aid her, while her eyesight at this stage is very good. She is due to attend Great Ormand Street Hospital, but the family do not yet have a date. 

As well as the extension, money raised through the GoFundMe page will also provide the family with trips, a holiday and more memories for Bella.

"I'm not normally one for handouts but it's an impossible situation," added Naomi.

"She's my daughter and needs the extension."