ON April 1, Herefordshire Council is raising parking charges by between 14 and 40 per cent. This goes in direct opposition to the Government’s attempt to defeat inflation.

Inflation the scourge of small businesses trying to keep their costs down in order to survive.

But, this ideology-driven council doesn’t care about business.


It doesn’t care about people’s prosperity and wellbeing, as long as it can “save the planet”.

Hereford and the county’s town centres are dying, as evidenced by empty shops and roads around the county no longer with just potholes but now on the verge of collapse.

Hereford Times:

The council’s answer to this death spiral is to push struggling business into its coffin and nail the lid down.

We can only hope that on April 1, we get a message from the council with the cryptic comment “gotcha, April fooooool”. This fool, for one, will not be holding his breath!


St Nicholas, near Hereford

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