WHILE any fool can see that Hereford must have a second river crossing, it is naive to suggest that this should be in the form of western bypass, and that it alone would cure most of the city’s traffic congestion.

What has always been needed, and was originally the first choice, is an eastern crossing as close to the city centre as possible.

Crossing the Lugg Meadows was the problem. That is a problem that has to be overcome.


Until traffic movement within the city and to and from Rotherwas in the south and the new transport hub in the centre is moving freely, another bypass will achieve very little.

Leominster has a bypass. It does little for traffic congestion in the town and the same applies to Worcester.

Hereford Times:

Until an eastern crossing is built, it is vital that the management of traffic lights is improved and that all other modern technology is employed so as to optimise what roads we already have.

The current administration at Herefordshire Council has quite rightly cancelled the western bypass. What progress has been made in its proposed alternative?


Breinton, near Hereford

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