I WAS visiting Hereford last Thursday, March 16, and on my way back to my car, coming from the square into Widemarsh Street, I was unfortunate to not realise there was a low pavement with an adjacent road, both block paved.

I am told there is a worn-out white line between the two, impossible to see in the wet weather.

As a consequence, my left foot went over the edge, I was unable to save myself and ended up lying in the road. I have a badly sprained left ankle, but thankfully nothing broken.


I have heard subsequently that another visitor to this area had a similar experience.

The council needs to do something here to differentiate effectively pavement from the road before someone has a more serious injury.



Editor’s note: the £1.2 million project to rip up the Widemarsh Street kerbs has started and will take 17 weeks.

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