A local Islamic group has put forward a plan for a multicultural community centre in Hereford.

Israk Ali of Hereford Islamic Society is seeking outline permission for the proposal, which at this stage has few details.

It is to be on half a hectare of brownfield land off Canal Road, with access also from Conningby Street, in an area of small business units and trade wholesalers north of Commercial Road.


But the position shown on the application is “only to confirm positioning outside flood risk zones”, following pre-application advice from a council officer.

A detailed design for the proposed “substantially single-storey” building, which “seeks to meet an identified need in Hereford”, is to be submitted at a later stage.

“The time and cost implications for the client will be substantial and it is therefore fundamental that the financial commitments can only be made if outline approval is obtained,” an accompanying statement from Mr Ali’s agent says.

“To enable the client to proceed therefore the principle of the proposal must be established with only nominal siting and access to be considered.”

Comments on the application, numbered 222428, can be made until April 22.

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