AN ACTION group has been formed to provide humanitarian aid to help refugees settling in Hereford.

The asylum seekers will only receive £9 a week. Therefore, a lot of their basic needs will have to be provided from volunteers.

Chris Chris Morgan and Amelia Washbourne are directors at the Robert Owen Society, a Leominster-based co-operative whose mission is 'to promote education, training and regeneration'.

When the pair heard that the Three Counties Hotel had been requisitioned by the Home Office as a refugee centre, they were eager to offer humanitarian support.

This was quickly achieved through the formation of the highly supportive Facebook group called Herefordshire in support of refugees, while they have also joined the Herefordshire City of Sanctuary Steering Committee, which offers and coordinates suppoort for refugees.

“We have been both heartened and greatly surprised by the amount of support so willingly offered by members of the public both in Herefordshire and across the nation,” said Ms Washbourne.

Mr Morgan added: “Very quickly, Herefordshire has become the focus of motivating the silent majority in coming forward and being willing and able to offer support for this highly traumatised group of our brother and sister human beings.”

Herefordshire City of Sanctuary aims to to turn the goodwill and compassion that exists locally into positive action for those seeking sanctuary, safety from violence, poverty and war.

A drop-in centre for refugees, migrants and volunteers is held every Friday from 10am at the Friends Meeting House in King Street, Hereford. For mor information, call Jane Straker on 01432 509 728.

Meanwhile, anyone who wishes to offer their help to the refugees can contact Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service (HVOSS) or 01432 353932 or email