SATNAVS have been sending "heavy traffic" up "unsuitable" tiny country lanes in one part of Herefordshire.

The road, between the hamlet of Ruxton and Llangarron, near Ross-on-Wye in the south of the county, has been hit by heavy traffic, according to councillors in Llangarron.

The parish council's minutes revealed that the devices have been directing traffic to the road between the two settlements, which it was said is unsuitable for heavy traffic.

Hereford Times:

The tiny road is one car wide and has limited passing places.

Following discussion, it was agreed that Councillor Nick Saunders would ask Google Maps to remove the road from their data.

An update on the issue would be provided at the council's March meeting, the council's resolution log confirmed.


The satnav problem in the Llangarron is far from the first reported in Herefordshire.

Way back in 2009, locals in Ropewalk Avenue, off Barons Cross Road, saw a procession of large vans and lorries sent down their street by satnavs which hadn’t been updated after the previously open-ended road was closed off at one end by bollards.

In 2015, one Hereford Times reader reported that satnavs did not feature Lawton Cross when travelling along the A4110 from Hereford where it meets the B4529.

Hereford Times:

And in 2016, the Hereford Times reported on lorries getting stuck in tight spots across the county due to drivers relying on their satnavs.

Villagers in Lyonshall took the matter into their own hands, with local Alma Bain saying it was a problem she had been fighting for seven years at the time.

A 'no HGV access' sign was already in place in the village, but Lyonshall Parish Council, working with fellow locals, decided to try supplementing the existing sign with their own large red road sign reading 'HGV drivers - ignore satnav - you will get stuck!'

The measure, parish councillor Derek Cottrell said at the time, 'seemed to be doing the trick'.