HEREFORDSHIRE Council’s masterplan is inspiring reading (, March 1).

Fortunately, everyone had ample time and opportunity to voice their opinions at the consultation stage so congratulations all around for this impressive vision for the future of Hereford.

To those naysayers living back there in the 1950s, I urge them to get up with the program.


It is such a shame to read in the letters column the growing antipathy by some readers towards any policy on climate change no matter how small, and it’s hard to treat as serious thinkers people who believe that a car journey is a Galician exercise in free will.

If you really have to drive across town to B&Q at 9am, think again and please understand the shop has late and early opening times and does deliveries.

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Also, it’s wonderful news that children and teachers alike will be encouraged to walk to school rather than clog up the roads and the air to boot.

Hereford is heading to be a greener more sustainable city with a vision.

Truly inspiring. Well done, Councillor Harrington and the visionary team. Stirling work.

Sadly, these changes are meeting such a level of resistance.



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