I WAS shocked to read the story of the asylum seekers’ arrival at the Three Counties Hotel.

It was reported last year that Lidl would possibly be taking this site. At a guess, the protest from Tesco and Asda, who are scared of the competition, will now not happen.

I have several concerns with the announcement. Is the security being provided to keep them in or to keep people out?


If they are allowed to leave of their own accord how do they keep track of them so they don’t just disappear without being legal?

How can they live on just over £9 a week? Belmont Medical Centre cannot provide appointments for residents as it is, how is it going to support 120 more possible patients?


How are schools, which are under pressure, meant to provide schooling for children with limited English language? Will this cause a setback in existing students’ schedule of learning?

So many complications and not enough answers or support for the communities that this is happening to, nor to the asylum seekers.



Editor's note: A number of questions have been answered by the Hereford Times and Herefordshire Council. They can be found here.

Seeking asylum is a legal right.

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