A DECISION has been made on a milkshake vending machine which was opened in Leominster without planning permission.

The James family, which farms at Broadfield Court in the nearby village of Bodenham, opened the vending machine at Hintons Country and Garden.

But the Whole Moo World milkshake vending machine, off Worcester Road, was installed and opened without planning permission.

Herefordshire Council planners have now granted planning permission, meaning the shed which houses the machines can stay.


Consultants working for the James family on the application said they were applying for retrospective permission because the applicants assumed that a retail vending machine at a significantly larger retail concern would be considered incidental to the existing, lawful use of the land.

Documents said the vending machine, which serves milk and milkshakes, is housed in a timber-clad, open-fronted shelter found in the southwest corner of the car park, with a ramp to ensure access for all.

Hereford Times:

Agent Ed Thomas of Hereford-based Tompkins Thomas Planning said: "The vending machine was conceived by the applicants as a means by which they could sell their high-quality, fresh, local and responsibly produced milk direct to the local consumer in association with an existing, well-established local retailer.

"Having invested significantly in a robotic milking parlour and on-site pasteuriser at Broadfield, it is imperative, due to the margins involved, that a viable, local market can be secured."


Some 17 people wrote to Herefordshire Council to support the application, with one objecting, and the town council offering no objection.

Those supporting the scheme said it was a good development for a local business, and important in cutting down food miles.

But Janet Village, of Pudleston, said there were "lots of children running over [the] busy road to get to [the] machine".

She also said it was "encouraging unhealthy lifestylers" and there was lots of rubbish and dangerously parked cars around the machine.

The farm has similar vending machines at Hereford's Old Market Shopping Centre, as well as in Bodenham, Ledbury and Ludlow.

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