A plan to turn a farm courtyard in a scenic Herefordshire spot into four homes has been approved.

The application by local resident Jethro Kirk was to convert buildings at Magnolia Farm, Canon Bridge near Madley, lying near the grade II listed Canon Bridge House and the river Wye, on the other side of which lies the National Trust’s Weir Garden.

Despite its sensitive location, “no objections have been received from technical or statutory consultees”, according to planning officer Simon Withers, who added that “careful regard has been had for the highway safety and parking implications of the proposal”.


The conversion will create two three-bedroom and two four-bedroom properties. A previous application had been granted to convert the barns into three houses, but the revised bid now plans to divide one of these in two.

“After considerable research into the local property market, some redress to provide more affordable housing in beautiful settings such as Canon Bridge has been made,” the application said.

The house designs “have some future-proofing to allow for future conversion to full-wheelchair access should occupants wish to do so”, it added.

Landscaping between the courtyard and the Wye will include a new orchard and pond.

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