DOCTORS working at Hereford County Hospital believe their salary doesn't reflect the hard work that they put into the job.

Eight workers stood on a picket line outside the city hospital this morning (Monday) as they joined colleagues across the country to start a three-day strike.

The industrial action called by the British Medical Association (BMA) is the longest period strikes undertaken by junior doctors. The BMA has launched an advertising campaign which said junior doctors could earn more money “serving coffee than saving patients”.


The union says newly qualified medics earn £14.09 an hour, less than a barista in a coffee shop, adding that junior doctors in England will have suffered a 26 per cent real-terms cut to their pay since 2008/09.

Alex Pavlimby, a second year foundation doctor, said: "We're striking for full restoration of pay for junior doctors working across England. We believe the salary doesn't reflect the hard work, long hours and dedication that we put in this job.

"We're asking for a pay restoration to level the standards that we saw in 2008.

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"We're seeing a lot of patients come through the door and it's tremendous hard work for the hours that we do, so it is really difficult.

"We all love the job, we all really enjoy it but we think the work and effort that we put in should be reflected by the suitable pay restoration of 2008.

"Staff retention is a big problem. In our local trust, we do rely a lot on agencies.


"We do need more doctors, but we need to ensure we pay them correctly to try and recruit and retain the doctors that we have in England." 

"Pay is a really important topic and we need to make sure that the juniors are paid for what their worth is."

Wye Valley NHS Trust said it will be working hard to maintain services during junior doctor industrial action on March 13, 14 and 15, and if you need medical help or advice to use the NHS 111 online service, or if it's life-threatening, call 999.

"Please turn up for your hospital appointment as usual, unless we contact you," added the Trust.