THE proposal by Herefordshire Council to punish car users in Hereford with the widely detested low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) zones over much of Hereford city can only be halted by voters kicking out any candidate that supports this crackpot proposal at the upcoming local elections in May 2023.

The LTNs have been shown to dramatically increase environmental pollution and cause major traffic congestion in the places where it operates.

Motorists are fined (usually £150) for using roads deemed closed to their own specific vehicle even when the route they have taken is most environmentally friendly.


Electric vehicles are not exempt because they are renowned for causing serious pollution with particles from their tyres due to the heavy batteries in these vehicles. The Hereford Times report (pages 14 and 15, March 2) on the LTNs suggests that people can walk or cycle around Hereford to do all their everyday tasks.

If, however, you are elderly, infirm, have other disabilities, need to get children to school or you do grocery shopping, this scheme will scupper any chance you have of getting your tasks completed.

The cost of this scheme will be millions of pounds and as experience from other similar schemes shows, the cost of repairing damage to the LTN roadside furniture by irate residents will swallow much of the fines’ income.


Pembridge, near Leominster

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