HEREFORDSHIRE'S drivers are among the worst in the UK, according to research from vehicle financing company Moneybarn.

The county has been handed the unenviable position of second place in their list of the country's worst drivers by area, coming second to Bradford.

New research from Moneybarn has analysed government data on road deaths and accidents, as well as the number of speeding fines handed out in each local authority area.

Worst of the lot

Moneybarn found that Bradford is home to the worst drivers in the UK with a score of just 1.05/10.

Known for its National Science and Media Museum, many visitors travel to and from the city, resulting in a high volume of traffic passing through this city on a daily basis.

This daily influx of traffic caused 7.7 motoring offences per 100,000 people and 6 deaths or serious injuries per 10,000 people, increasing by a whopping 18% in the last five years. 

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Herefordshire ranked in second place for the worst drivers in the country.

Despite being the fourth smallest county in the country, drivers in Herefordshire scored less than 2/10 for their quality of driving.

Although accidents have recently reduced in the area, there were still 16 reported road collisions per 10,000 people, as well as 5.4 deaths or serious injuries per 10,000 people. 

Blackpool comes in third place, scoring 2.12/10.

The North West seaside town of Blackpool, once a hub for tourism and summer holidays, is now home to a few relics of a glorious past, as well as a few bad drivers, according to Moneybarn.

Blackpool had 8.2 road casualties per 10,000 people, one of the highest in the study, as well as 23.9 reported accidents per 10,000 people. 


Further findings

At the other end of the scale, Swansea was named home to the UK’s best drivers, with just 1.5 casualties per 10,000 people and 2.57 speeding offences per 10,000 people.

London is home to the UK’s deadliest drivers, with 35.66 road deaths or serious injuries per 10,000 people, while three London boroughs were also revealed to be the UK’s road accident hotspots, with the City of London, Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea making the top three.

Bath and North-East Somerset were found to be home to the UK’s safest drivers with just 0.92 road deaths or serious injuries per 10,000 people.