WHAT a mean pair of Tory MPs we have in Herefordshire, moaning about 120 asylum seekers being housed in a hotel that Lidl regards as redundant.

Jesse Norman is worried that an extra 120 people in the county will overstretch our public services.

I fear that that will be due, not to people seeking safety, but 13 years of Tory austerity that has broken every part of the public sector.


Sir Bill Wiggin, using the emotive term illegal migrants, is dog-whistling the right-wing thugs he pretends to abhor.

He knows that there is very little chance of people claiming asylum unless they find some way of entering the country.

Hereford Times:

As a man keen on entrepreneurship he should be aiding people who have shown courage and gumption in making the terrible journey. Post-Brexit we are suffering major staff shortages.

These are exactly the people this county needs.


Knightwick, near Bromyard

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