A TOWN in Herefordshire has been giving an update on a number of road projects it wants to see happen, including closing a bus stop and painting more double yellow lines.

Bromyard and Winslow Town Council, like all parish councils, does not have the power to make road changes, but has been pressing Herefordshire Council.

The town council's traffic management committee heard in a recent meeting how Herefordshire Council's roads contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places had spoken to companies about a bus stop being moved.


Other items discussed included parking in and around the Church Street area, with a bid to cut the free time from two hours to one hour.

In Pump Street, the town council wants the bus stop closed and users to use one on the bypass instead.

Minutes of the February 20 meeting said Balfour Beatty Living Places had recently spoken to DRM Bus and First Bus about the closure of the Pump Street bus stop, as requested by the town council.

Hereford Times:

They said both companies were "amenable" to the proposal and Balfour Beatty Living Places confirmed other parties will need to be consulted before proceeding with the design. 

There were also problems with the junction of Church Street and Rowberry Street where reconfiguration work had recently taken place.

Minutes said councillors noted that some drivers are continuing to park on the raised pavement area that leads from the crossing to the Market Square.

"Vehicles parked here obstruct the pavement and pose a risk to the safety of pedestrians," they said.


A traffic regulation order is underway to extend the double yellow lines up to the end of Rowberry Street on that side and, once in place, the yellow lines will make it illegal to park behind them.

It will mean enforcement action can be taken against those drivers that choose to park on the pedestrian area.

The committee clerk had also submitted a request to Herefordshire Council for a reduction of the on-street parking time limit to one-hour in Church Street.

Waiting time is currently limited to two hours, with no return within two-hours, Monday to Saturday 8am untiil 6pm, except for permit holders.