AN EARTHQUAKE was recorded in Herefordshire this morning, but the news may come as a surprise to locals.

According to the British Geological Survey, a small quake with a magnitude of just 1.2 was recorded in Bringsty, near Bromyard, at 6.50am this morning (February 28).

It comes after a rather larger quake was felt over the Welsh border in Brynmawr on February 24, that one with a magnitude of 3.7.

But if you are wondering why you did not feel this morning's earthquake, you are not alone - this reporter in Bromyard did not feel it either!

Various sources including the US Geological Survey state that people generally don't report feeling earthquakes smaller than about magnitude 3.0.


A quake of magnitude 1.0 is said to produce about the same amount of energy as a small blast at a construction site.

And it is far from the only earthquake reported in Britain in the last 60 days, with a total of 47 recorded across the country in that period by the British Geological Survey.

The largest of those was the one felt in Brynmawr, followed by a 3.2 magnitude quake recorded in the North Sea on February 12, and a 3.2 magnitude quake recorded in Mull, Scotland, on January 19.

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