CHILDREN have been seen risking their lives after breaking into a dangerous abandoned building near Hereford.

West Mercia Police officers in Hereford said four or five children aged between 13 and 16 years old had been reported at Belmont Golf Course, which closed its doors for good in 2014.

Police said the group had got into the privately-owned site through locked perimeter fencing and had a skateboard and mountain bike with them.


But after getting to the site within 15 minutes of the call on Sunday evening (February 26), police said they could find no trace of the youngsters after an extensive search.

Officers said they did not want to stop children from having fun, but the golf course buildings are "very dangerous with rotting floorboards, exposed electrical cables and other significant hazards".

"This means should an accident occur significant or worse injuries are a real possibility," they said.


"This is a privately owned site and therefore only authorized persons should be at the location."

The police will now check CCTV footage to try and identify the teenagers.

"The safer neighbourhood team would ask that parents have an understanding of where their children are when not at home," West Mercia police said.

Anyone with information should email