THE time has come for our voices to be heard and time for the council to listen.

For too long our opinions have no longer counted or been listened to and those in power have just used their time in office to fulfil their own agendas. This has to change!

The housing of “illegal” immigrants in Belmont must not happen and this council must do everything in their power to make this so. This has been stopped in other towns/cities in the UK and it can be stopped here.

I am sure everyone will agree we have been a great sponsor of Europeans coming to Herefordshire and working on our farms.


Thousands descend here during the summer season and a good majority actually live here all year round moving on to other jobs within the city. However, the housing of “illegal” immigrants is a step too far for this crippled city.

Our council have done nothing to improve this city over their time in charge and I for one will be happy when they are hopefully given the elbow in the coming months, however, this could be the time for them to shine and make a stand for the residents of this city and do something good before they go.


As a taxpaying resident of Hereford, I have never seen or even heard from Paul Walker, chief executive of Herefordshire Council, even though I contribute to his exuberant salary. He needs to start speaking to the people of Hereford NOW!

I have championed it for many months but this city needs a public debate with the council so they can hear our concerns. This happens around the country so why not here?

The time has come for something of this once great city to change and I am just hoping it is for the good! A public debate must now happen.



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