Logistics Aid, the Herefordshire-based charity set up a year ago to deliver aid to Ukraine, has now teamed up with another group based in Bromsgrove and Birmingham Central Mosque to deliver aid to Turkey.

Last week, Andrew Lloyd and Arni Highfield, members of the Logistics Aid team based in Lyonshall, went to visit Birmingham Central Mosque to meet with the Imam Mohammad Asad.


Since its launch last year, Logistics Aid has delivered around 250 tonnes of aid to Ukraine with deliveries leaving the UK on an almost weekly basis.

Thanks to fundraising and some large donations from businesses, Logistics Aid now has its own vehicles – two lorries and a van - and the first loads of aid are scheduled to leave for Turkey in the next two weeks.

"It's big things and it's little things. It all adds up," said Jess Lowe for Logistics Aid.


Deliveries to Ukraine will continue, and the charity now plans to help to wherever needs it.

The first loads of aid are scheduled to go to Turkey in the coming weeks after the February 6 quake killed more than 47,000 people.

Logistics Aid is still continuing their work in Ukraine, but the plan going forward is to help anyone in need – the group has its own vehicles which can be mobilised at short notice.

Visit logisticsaid.org to donate.