A DECISION has been made as to whether security staff should be employed to battle anti-social behaviour at a Herefordshire park.

Minutes from meetings of Ledbury Town Council's Environment and Leisure Committee revealed that there are "ongoing issues" that the council is regularly faced with at the town's recreation ground.

A report to councillors said that a bench has recently been burnt to the ground at the park, which has recently undergone a revamp including new paintwork and football nets, while a wooden memorial bench had to be removed after it was vandalised.

Concerns had also been raised by locals, the councillors heard.


It had been suggested that employing additional security or a park keeper might be a possibility.

But, minutes from a meeting of the committee in January revealed, the advice given to the council was that it may not have much impact on reducing anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Nina Shields said members of the public that she had spoken to were of the view that security would just encourage anti-social behaviour to move elsewhere.

It had also been suggested that employing a park keeper "could create a potential target", Coun Shields said.

And a report on the issue commissioned by the council found that employing security or a park keeper may not have much or any impact of reducing anti-social behaviour, councillors heard.

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Councillors voted to refuse the recommendation to pay for additional security, following feedback from other town councils and security companies.

A second recommendation, to consider a 'PACT' style meeting where members of the public and police can meet so everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinion was also discussed.

Members agreed that it would be beneficial to have a police presence at future Environment and Leisure Committee members, and it was resolved to invite the police and members of the public to the next meeting.