WORK to repair an eyesore near Hereford's historic Old Bridge should be completed by April, according to a local councillor.

For three years, the railings alongside the river Wye to the west of Old Bridge have been damaged.

The record 6.11-metre peak of the river Wye in February 2020 in the wake of Storm Dennis left several roads and paths across the county damaged.


But while most have now been repaired, such as the B4224 at Fownhope and A438 at Whitney-on-Wye, the path which runs down from the bridge towards Asda is still not in a good condition.

But Coun Kevin Tillett, a Liberal Democrat who represents the Hinton and Hunderton ward, said the wrecked railings and path were still in a state.


But he said Herefordshire Council had told him work would be done by the end of this financial year – but that is after he was told it would have been done last week.

"Three years ago, Hereford was hit by the worst flooding in our history and it completely wrecked the riverside railings and footpath on the approach to the Old Bridge," he said.

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"Three years later, this is still the state of it. What's the excuse, Herefordshire Council?"

He added: "Endless promises of updates and action... to no avail."

Debris is still caught in the damaged railings after the most recent flooding in January.

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