I wonder who are the biggest idiots in this world, this world of so-called. austerity and hardship. Especially as we are told every day how hard up our NHS service is.

Today, I was amazed, I had to attend our hospital in Hereford for a scan.

The waiting area had been transformed, no longer were the comfortable chairs there, they had been removed and replaced by some very hard uncomfortable blue plastic stackable chairs.


Surely, surely there are so many places in the NHS where that money could have been put to better use? I would like to put the person responsible for this purchase to sit on these chairs for 15 minutes as many of us are now forced to do.

I was told that they are easier to clean, but most of the staff I spoke to said that was not the case and everybody is complaining how uncomfortable they are.

As regards cleaning them, well, we are now allowed not to wear even a face mask to prevent the spread of infection.

Actually, how much did it cost to replace the seats?

Eric Joseph

Much Birch

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