A HEREFORDSHIRE school has been rated by Ofsted inspectors after their first full inspection in 15 years.

Kingsland CofE School, which was judged 'outstanding' under a previous inspection framework in 2007, was exempted by law from routine inspections from then until November 2020, and so there has been a longer gap than usual between inspections.

The school received an overall rating of 'good' in its latest inspection in January, with inspectors rating behaviour and attitudes of pupils and personal development as 'excellent'.


Inspectors said that "let your light shine" is the deeply Christian vision that underpins the "strong ethos and ambition set by staff and leaders.

Pupils were found to work hard, treat others with respect, flourish socially and emotionally, and do well academically.

Attitudes and conduct were excellent, and staff were quick to deal with bullying.

All pupils achieve at a high level in reading, writing, and maths, but other areas are less well developed, the report said.

Inspectors said leaders care deeply about pupils and strive to raise their aspirations and develop their interests and talents.

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Teachers were found to have strong subject knowledge and identify pupils with special educational needs early and effectively adapt the curriculum to suit their needs, while those with complex additional needs receive "exceptional support".

The range of clubs and cultural visits offered to children was also praised as "excellent", while safeguarding arrangements were said to be effective.

Inspectors said the school could improve by identifying the essential knowledge, skills, and vocabulary children need to know in some foundation subjects so they can achieve as well as they do in English and maths, and that senior leaders' checks on how well foundation subjects are delivered could be more effective.