I AM writing to express my deep concern over the impact of the Elections Act 2022 requiring voters to show ID.

Whilst a done deal, it is my hope that an incoming Labour government will repeal this legislation, a solution to a problem that did not exist – only one conviction was secured for this in the last few years.

The number of people that will be disenfranchised by this deliberate governmental sabotage will far exceed this. Whilst campaigning last weekend, several complained to me about this unprompted.


If you cannot afford holidays abroad or to own a car, why would you have a passport or driving licence.

Yes, they knew of the “free alternative” but at least one of them refused out of principle – I suspect this is exactly the reaction that the Government and our local MPs were after.


Whilst we cannot now change this, I call on the leaders of the various parties and independents who intend to contest the local elections in May to contact me to discuss how we can have a coordinated information campaign to ensure that no one is disenfranchised by this.


North Herefordshire Labour Party chair

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