GARRY Cullen (, February 3) is absolutely right – Herefordshire Council’s plans for traffic management in and around the city, now that it has cancelled the bypass, are nonsense and more congestion is inevitable.

Mr Cullen will not be comforted by the new big economic plan (, January 24) which puts the blame firmly on “reliance on short car journeys around Hereford and the constraints of the city’s location on the river”.


In fact, all car, van and lorry journeys contribute to the congestion because they have no other option and, as he says, the new housing estates will add to it.

As to the river, it’s the reason the city exists in the first place.

What does the council have in mind – filling it in? I’m not sure where the proposed new railway station at Rotherwas fits into this picture.


Are people really going to catch the train from Hereford station to Rotherwas? Or does the council anticipate a huge influx of workers from Abergavenny?

I shall play my part in alleviating the problem by not coming to Hereford at all.


Lyonshall, near Kington

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