A COMMUNITY on the Herefordshire border is trying to crackdown on drivers flouting speed limits on a major road.

People living in Clyro, near Hay-on-Wye, had voiced their concerns to the local council about speeding, especially on the A438 between Hereford and Brecon.

A speed indicator device which highlights to drivers how fast they are going along the 60mph road is now being considered.


Clyro Community Council chairman Jasper Fforde had carried out a survey with local residents which highlighted an unsafe on the B4351 through the village, and that the speed limit should be lowered from 40mph to 30mph.

The council's sub-committee said the level of engagement with the survey was impressive and it is clear that Clyro residents take local issues seriously, according to minutes of the full meeting in November.

"[Local residents] are happy to have their views sought and are particularly concerned over road safety in and around the village," the document said.

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The suggestion for a new footway and/or cycle path alongside the B4351 seems to have very large public support within the Clyro community, as does speeding issues on the A438, minutes said.

At December's meeting, the sub-committee held its first meeting and was going to look into speed indicator devices as they were the "most popular form of traffic calming measures that residents requested on the survey".

Draft terms of reference are being developed to give the sub-committee the direction that the community council would like to go in.

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