COUNCIL tax in this county is already horrendously high.

There have been strange comments issued by Coun Liz Harvey on why that should be.

The rationale is that the communities in Herefordshire are cut off and we have the lowest population rate in the UK.

This is nonsense as council tax is a residency-based tax and areas such as Hereford, Leominster and Ledbury can hardly be called underpopulated.


Roads and pavements plus pathways are not managed at all. Social care is dangerously haphazard and the main culprit is central government plus waste in excessive layers of local governance.


There is no reason why Ledbury should have three layers of government when the town council does so little.

Council tax should be reformed not on 1991 valuations but on the ability to pay which is the tenet of all taxation principles in the UK. The system is falling apart.



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