A HEREFORDSHIRE road could be renamed in a bid to try and stop speeders.

Speeding is the most frequent complaint heard by councillors in Colwall, a full meeting of Colwall Parish Council heard in January.

As a result, draft minutes from the meeting showed, traffic speeds and flow were measured at six sites along Walwyn Road in March 2019.

The results from the sites, all but one of which were in the 30 miles per hour stretch in the village, showed "significant speeding", a report to the council from Councillor Stock, after a meeting with Herefordshire Council's engineering manager Bruce Evans revealed.

A number of suggestions were made for battling the speeding problem, with the council hearing that their current speed indicator devices are old and need replacing, but that they do not have the funds to do so.


Coun Stock said the area could be made to look more "like a village", with 'gateways' installed on either side of the road, while a further suggestion was to rename part of Walwyn Road as Walwyn Street.

"Declassifying the B4218 would be tricky to justify," the report to the council said, pointing out that renaming it instead could be done "quite easily" and would imply that it is a shared space, rather than just for traffic movement.

A number of other suggestions would also be considered, the council heard.

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