THERE is going to be a crackdown on parking in Leominster after Herefordshire Council rubber-stamped new rules for a number of residential streets.

The council will bring in a number of new measures in and around Green Lane, including residents' parking permits and double yellow lines.

A public notice said that the council had sealed the traffic regulation order to introduce the measures in the residential streets, which are between Pierrepont Road and the A44 New Street.


No waiting at any time (double yellow line) restrictions will soon come into force on The Meadows, Townsend Close, Thomas Court and Green Lane.

There will also be limited waiting bays, in force from 9am until 5pm Monday to Saturday, allowing drivers to park for two hours with no return within four hours in Green ane.

Also in Green Lane and Thomas Court will be resident permit holder parking bays.

These will cost locals £30 for one car, £30 for a second car, £75 for a third, £100 for a fourth and £100 for a fifth. There may be limits on the number per household though.

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Mairead Lane, acting assistant director for highways and transport at Herefordshire Council, said the new measures would help avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road.

It would also help preserve and improve the amenity of the area, secure the expeditious, convenient, and safe movement of traffic and prevent vehicles parking opposite one another on both sides of the road, causing obstructions.

It would also prevent vehicles from parking close to the junctions, thereby improving visibility and safety for vehicles, and help ensure local residents who possess no off-street parking are able to park close to their home.