CONCERNS have been raised about a stretch of road in a Herefordshire village which is dangerous for cyclists.

Pembridge Parish Council was told by a concerned local resident that speeding was an issue in the village, west of Leominster.

Draft minutes for January 18's meetings said they raised concerns about the speed of traffic on Bridge Street to the junction with the A44.

This, they said, was dangerous for cyclists.


Councillors noted the concern and said a 20mph speed limit already in place.

In the Pembridge newsletter, ward councillor Roger Phillips said it was in 2001 when he arranged the instalment of traffic monitors on roads in Pembridge, Shobdon, Lyonshall and Eardisley which record the number, type, speed and timing of all vehicles on a daily basis.

But he said the Pembridge monitors are on the west side of the village so do not reflect the traffic using Bridge Street from and to the east.

He said the figures for the past seven years show a remarkable consistency – even allowing for the affects of the Covid pandemic.


He said Pembridge had less traffic in 2022 than 2016, but it was around 10 per cent up on 2007.

"These daily figures help me as your local representative to maintain pressure on the council to support highway infrastructure and projects on our local network and provide the necessary evidence to support or dispute claims of volume," Coun Phillips said.

"They have helped me gain in the past the complete resurfacing of the A44 highway with noise reduction surfacing through Pembridge and secure the village as the pilot 20mph speed limit for the county although we are still waiting the roundels to be installed."