THERE has been little action almost 18 months after a tree branch was smashed into by a lorry and ended up falling and crashing through a car's windscreen in Herefordshire.

It was August 27, 2021 when Elizabeth Preston was driving along the B4362 at Knill near Presteigne when the branch was knocked off the tree by a passing lorry and pierced through the windscreen of her Land Rover.

At 10.30am, she met a lorry coming the other way on the road between Walton, near Kington, and Presteigne, minutes of Titley Group Parish Council said.


Both vehicles slowed down but the lorry hit a very large overhanging branch, which subsequently landed on the roof of the Land Rover, with one branch coming through her windscreen. The lorry didn’t stop.

She reported the incident to the police, but they didn’t attend.

Herefordshire Council roads contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places went to the scene five days later and found no safety-related defects on the road.


Fast-forward to February 2022, and the parish council had been told Paul Hunter, the locality steward for Balfour Beatty, had written to the landowners, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Forestry Commission to make them aware of the incident and the concerns raised.

Since then, the incident has regularly been raised at parish council meetings, but no updates have been available.