Herefordshire is investing £1.4 million in new gritters and other measures to make the county more “winter resilient”.

A Herefordshire Council decision this week approved £1.16 million on eight new winter gritters to replace its current fleet over the next four years.

It will also spend £180,000 on renewing “outdated” weather monitoring and forecasting stations, and £40,000 on new flood warning sensors, with a further £22,000 going on installation and management.

The decision was taken yesterday (January 24) by cabinet member Infrastructure and transport Coun John Harrington.


Last month the council also confirmed it would spend £343,000 on other new machinery, rather than continue to hire it.

On its shopping list are two road sweepers, two high-lift dumpers, two excavators and one towable wood-chipper.

It said that the cost of hiring the same kit over five years would have been £560,000, meaning the plant it has committed to buying will have paid for itself in just over three years.

This “will then release funds that can be re-invested into the service”, the council’s decision notice said.

A council spokesperson confirmed: “The approved decision allows the council to start the procurement process. We haven’t taken delivery of any vehicles at this stage.”

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