A plan has been put forward to turn a disused mini-airliner into an luxury “eco lodge” for holidaymakers in the Herefordshire countryside.

To be sited at Hollywell Farm near Dinedor Camp south of Hereford, the repurposed Jetstream 31 would offer guests “once-in-a-lifetime” accommodation, the application from Shaun Middleton of local firm Acorn Construction says.

The aircraft would first “be renovated to a five-star level and repurposed for this project, saving it from being turned into scrap metal”, it says.

The plane’s fuel tanks in the wings would be used to harvest rainwater which will then be used for toilets and showers, while the turbines under the wings will instead house wind turbines to generate electricity for the property.


Solar panels would also be mounted on a separate oak-framed cooking and dining area beside the plane.

With a wingspan of nearly 16 metres and length of 14.5m, the British-built Jetstream twin turboprop was primarily intended as a short-haul commercial airliner but has also been used for executive transport and maritime patrol. Around 70 are still in commercial use around the world.

Comments on the application, numbered 223807, can be made until February 9.

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