A COUNCILLOR has been accused of trolling members of the public on social media in Herefordshire.

A meeting of Ledbury's full council in December heard from Councillor Nina Shields that a member of the public had approached her to tell her that a councillor had been trolling locals on Facebook.

Minutes from the meeting revealed that the definition of the word was explained to councillors after it was questioned by Coun Tony Bradford, who wanted to know what it meant and whether it was against the law.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines 'trolling' as "posting a deliberately erroneous or antagonistic message on a newsgroup or similar forum with the intention of eliciting a hostile or corrective response."

Councillors at the meeting voted in favour of a review of the town council's social media policy in order to "better equip councillors and staff with the tools to manage their online presence".

Eight councillors voted for the motion, which was proposed by Coun Shields and seconded by Coun Nick Morris, with two abstaining.

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