River Wye flood warnings and alerts issued for Herefordshire

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  • Flood warnings and alerts have been issued for several rivers in Herefordshire after heavy rain.
  • Rivers across the county have risen after persistent rain.
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  • Flood warnings (act)
  • River Arrow at Eardisland
  • River Lugg at Kenwater
  • River Teme at Stanford Bridge (Worcestershire)
  • River Wye from Hay to Hereford
  • River Wye in North Hereford
  • River Wye in South Hereford
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  • Flood alerts (prepare)
  • Lower Teme (Tenbury, Clifton, Colwall)
  • River Arrow in Herefordshire
  • River Frome in Herefordshire
  • River Leadon catchment
  • River Lugg North of Leominster
  • River Lugg south of Leominster
  • River Wye in Herefordshire
  • Upper Teme (Ludlow, Shropshire)
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  • Warnings removed
  • River Monnow and tributaries in England
  • Ledwyche Brook and River Rea (north of Tenbury)
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  • The predicted river Wye peak at Old Bridge in Hereford is 4.9 to 5.2 metres overnight
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  • Latest updates below.


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