THANK you for your coverage of two Herefordshire Boxing Day Meets.

I appreciate you need to cater for differing views, but would like to put into perspective some of your reporting.

I am pleased you did not feature one placard which contained disgusting language and was fully visible to families and children.

It said: "If you hunt, you're a ****."


One female protester was repeatedly screeching so loudly that several people politely asked her to be quiet to no avail but it prompted the crowd to start cheering support which soon drowned her out.

The sabs quote the low numbers of turnout and support dwindling refers to the 30 or 40 or so riders.

The turnout in Ledbury of hunt foot followers and public that showed support was phenomenal and can be seen in your pictures and some online videos.


Numbers of riders may well be lower, but given the publicised threat of disruption from the protesters, and the large crowds expected, it takes a special horse to be able to cope and remain calm in these circumstances.

The same goes for children on their ponies. From a safety perspective, it is much more sensible to support on foot if there is any doubt that a horse or pony would be unable to cope.


The petition you mention has been shared via social media widely all over the world by hunt protesters and the number of signatures bears no relevance to the people of Herefordshire.

The sheer numbers of supporters that came into Ledbury, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye on Boxing Day by far outweighed those that protested.

These scenes were reflected throughout the country.


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