IF I were headline writer for the Hereford Times, I would have written “Austerity puts justice at risk” (page 18, December 29) and not given Tory John Campion any airspace.

The reason the Herefordshire Council cabinet (Independents and Greens) cannot commit to sorting out the Shire Hall is because we know that Austerity V2 is heading our way with £30 billion planned spending cuts – Herefordshire Council will not escape this.

We know the devastation wreaked by Austerity V1 – another failed Conservative policy on our communities and the most vulnerable in them.


For West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner Campion to claim that the putting a decision about the Shire Hall on hold denies people the justice they deserve is disingenuous.

He knows full well that the Shire Hall, along with other civic buildings, is another victim of Conservative Party austerity policies.

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Commissioner Campion would be better lobbying the Government for improved funding for justice systems – and the Hereford Times should stop implying that our coalition cabinet is responsible for the situation at the Shire Hall and the demise of our civic infrastructure.


Declaring a “cost of living crisis” in December, Coun Liz Harvey told councillors: “With no end in sight to the Government’s austerity campaign we have taken action to sustain remaining services by transforming the way services are delivered to enable our communities to be better able to help themselves as the scale of social poverty gets progressively worse.”

Conservative councillors abstained from the vote which was carried. It is high time that the Hereford Times acknowledges how austerity (don’t get me started on Brexit) has decimated our communities, and vulnerable, and environment, and start holding our MPs to account for it. Oh, Happy New Year – and bring on a snap election so we can change the narrative and start building our children a better future.


Green Party councillor for Birch

Llanwarne, near Ross-on-Wye

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