A Herefordshire village pub has been told it can build five holiday cottages in its garden.

According to the application by Richard Dobson of The Maidenhead, formerly the Baker’s Arms, in Orleton near Ludlow, the five would comprise a free-standing block of single-storey “holiday bed-sit letting units”.

Powered by “very quiet” air-source heat pumps and roof-mounted solar panels, the cottages are designed for two people at a time, with one cottage adapted for disabled use.

Each will have an open-plan living and sleeping area with separate shower and toilet but no kitchen.

A mobile home and three large Leylandii trees will first be removed from the area.


Orleton Parish Council said it was keen to support the development of the business and raised no concerns about the proposed plans, nor were there any other objections.

Planning officer Amber Morris concluded the plan was in line with county policy and would not spoil neighbours’ views, nor were there environmental or road safety reasons to object to it.

And though the rural location was “not sustainable” in transport terms, there were “a number of mitigating factors” including economic benefits from the cottages, she said.

Among conditions on the development are that bat and bird boxes, and a “hedgehog home”, are to be installed in the grounds, and that planting and care of new trees around the cottages is to be confirmed.

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